Initially, don’t be lost under any illusions; I am human and will have no hesitation to politely decline your business if you are not behaving as a man of honor. Approach me as a gentleman with respect and consideration at all times. Assuming you want to stay;)

I reserve the right to refuse the business of any caller. I cater exclusively to the most refined and high-quality clientele.

I go to great lengths to prepare for our date and expect you to be polite, charming and showered! Please pay particular attention to your hygiene and presentation, as you would for any date. I am far more likely to feel affectionate towards you if you are considerate. While this needn’t be mentioned for respectful gentlemen, please provide your cash donation immediately upon arrival. Avoid asking personal and invasive questions about my private life; it is disrespectful, and makes me uncomfortable. I also ask that you avoid embarrassing me by asking to meet with you privately or asking for my private phone number.

I will always do my best to accommodate you, but please keep in mind you are dealing with a real person, not an item. Occasionally I’m simply unavailable. While it is rare in this instance I ask that you please be flexible with your time.